100 years of cleaning products in Spain: Euroquímica and Lagarto's history

A family company whose capital is 100% Spanish, Euroquímica is a company that produces and sells a varied and broad range of cleaning products. Amongst said products, noteworthy is our flagship product: the famous Lagarto soap.
Francisco Moreno, founder and first owner of Euroquímica, decided –in the beginning of the 1990s– to add the renowned Lagarto brand to his company. From the moment of its acquisition, Francisco Moreno became committed to upholding the historic tradition and quality of Lagarto soap and the rest of the cleaning products.

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Pioneers in the manufacturing of atomized powder detergent in Spain

The company Euroquímica was born as such in 1974 as the brainchild of Francisco Moreno Piñeiro, an entrepreneur who decided to establish a business dedicated to bleach production in Illescas, which is a village of the Province of Toledo. The company was characterized from the very beginning by its friendly, family nature and its strong bonds to the Province of Toledo and its inhabitants.

The twenty years that followed helped Euroquímica to get stronger, and the distribution channels slowly began to grow – as well as the product range. The original bleaches were complemented by other varieties, by ammonia-based products, scented ammonia-based products, and bleaches with detergent added, which were sold under the name “Alpes.”

It was at the beginning of the 1990’s that Euroquímica took its first noticeable leap. LIRESA, a cleaning product company located in Zaragoza and a successor to Lizariturry and Rezola, was going through hard financial times and its assets were being sold. Francisco Moreno realized that this could be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for growth for his cleaning product company and, throughout this decade, he acquired the production plants and the famous Lagarto brand. The decision, which was both risky and brilliant, brought Moreno to add, in 1992 the Lagarto brand to the Euroquímica family of products – likewise adding the factory at Zaragoza.

The main reasoning behind Francisco Moreno’s decision was the recognition of the brand as a leader in the cleaning sector in Spain. Moreno Piñeiro felt as if the values of the new brand that he had acquired were similar to those which he wanted to establish at Euroquímica – a philosophy which emphasized closeness with the consumer and treating the products and professionals well; a philosophy which fit with the way he saw his own company.

The next few years helped the Moreno family to gradually strengthen their ties with Lagarto: they acquired the production center at Zaragoza and invested in the factories, as well as the Innovation and Quality Departments, achieving what Moreno was looking for: to strengthen and modernize a brand which was iconic for both distributors and customers, while likewise acquiring a production center which would allow him to add atomized powder detergent and natural soaps to his range of products.


Euroquímica today: one of the main manufacturers of cleaning products

Today, thanks to its constant innovation and ability to overcome challenges in new markets, Euroquímica, has promoted –over the last few years– the presence of Lagarto products in Europe, North Africa, and Asia.

As of today, Euroquímica has two fully-integrated production centers with which the company offers a great variety of products and provides jobs to around one hundred workers who are responsible for making 31,000 Metric Tons and 63 million liters of a very broad range of cleaning products. Said product range includes powder detergents, liquid detergents, dish washing liquid, fabric softeners, bleaches, ammonia-based products, and of course, soap.

One important part of those one hundred workers spends their time in the R&D&I and Quality Departments. This is a high-performance team which constantly undergoes training and has the challenge of constant improvement (as well as disruptive thinking) programmed into their DNA, with the aim of providing the most innovative products possible.

The success of Euroquímica lies in having a family view of the business. This is a family company that understands the special needs of families. The main goal is to look after health by improving personal hygiene with competitive products both in terms of quality and price, products which provide consumers with wellbeing.

Positioned amongst the Top 20 of national companies of its sector, Euroquímica has achieved a growth in sales over the last few years which is greater than 30% — in spite of the economic crisis which has devastated the country. Its strong commitment to quality and its presence in large and small shops are the factors which have allowed Euroquímica to stay afloat and adapt to the needs and desires of its customers.


Euroquímica and Lagarto: a winning pair in the cleaning sector

The passing of the years has proved that the decision made by Francisco Moreno was the right one. Euroquímica has brought growth to the Lagarto brand, making it have today a wide range of cleaning products which are quite renowned amongst customers.

Natural soaps, powder and liquid detergents, dish washing liquids, liquid fabric softeners, compact detergents for dishwashers, etc…. A complete range of products from a brand which, likewise, is fully committed to the idea of providing good value for money. Currently, the brand Lagarto is still known as being synonymous to experience; however, it is also well-known because of its commitment to “clean ideas.” Products of utmost quality which do not include ingredients that unnecessarily raise the final sales price are what make the choice to buy Lagarto a smart one.

Euroquímica and Lagarto provide their consumers with a wide range of products that adapt to their tastes and needs. The aim is for the product to be effective, of quality, easy and simple to apply, and reasonably priced for all.