A quality cleaning product comes from a successful purchasing process

Euroquímica is a trustworthy, family company and that’s why it’s important for us to have lasting relationships with our providers.

For Euroquímica, it is essential for the providers that we work with to be able to foresee problems while likewise feeling comfortable enough with us to be able to give us suggestions and provide ideas for the future. The abilities to innovate and grow with us are extremely important for us to work with providers successfully.


Cleaning products whose origin lies in “smart purchasing”

Our mission in terms of purchases is to maximize all our supply tasks, always striving for the sustainable development of the company and of the providers who work with us.


Our company’s values in the purchasing process

We believe that in order to properly grow and evolve as a company, it is necessary to have core values that we must share. We firmly believe in business ethics and we base our relationships with our providers on criteria that we consider to be basic and obligatory in any professional relationship, such as professionalism, honesty, integrity, and –especially– transparency.