Mission, vision and values

Euroquimica's vision for cleaning products

Our strategy as a company begins with our unique vision of what Euroquímica’s role should be within the cleaning product sector. For us, cleaning is more than a question of aesthetics: it is a pillar for health and wellbeing. Therefore, we strive each day to listen to our customers, we are present in the forms of media through which they speak and voice their opinions –especial in digital media– and we likewise strive to design, with consumers’ demands in mind, products that guarantee the health of their family and their business through technical innovation and competitive prices.

Our mission:

To improve the quality of life in homes and businesses through hygiene
thanks to our use of technological innovations in design and manufacturing.


Euroquímica’s reason for being –something which has set us apart from our competitors– is, without a doubt, our will to improve the hygiene of homes and businesses. We commit to taking care of your environment so that it is healthy and, by doing so, to improving your quality of life. In order to accomplish this, an important percent of our professionals work on R&D&I tasks. In this way, we can guarantee that our products include the latest advances and discoveries in terms of cleaning, hygiene, and disinfection.


Our vision:

To listen to our customers in order to offer them sustainable, innovative products that provide them with wellbeing.

The goal of Euroquímica is the continued improvement of our processes to guarantee the hygiene of our consumers, producing sustainable products which provide healthy environments, wellbeing, and satisfaction to those who use them. For us, the concept of a “smart buy” is fundamental and this idea is present in our creative process – both in terms of our multidisciplinary team for innovation, as well as when the end product is infused with those technologies and ingredients that really make it better.

Our aim is to give our customers the most efficient cleaning products possible: ones that ensure hygiene and wellbeing, meeting their real cleaning needs as best as we can.


Our values:

To include the latest technological advances in order to uphold a hundred-year tradition of quality cleaning products based on our customers’ experiences and feedback.

Euroquímica uses innovation and the most modern production methods possible to stay at the forefront of a hundred-year-long tradition of quality cleaning. Our customers are the key in our operations and, therefore, we are constantly in search of new products that satisfy their needs.

Our Lagarto brand was a pioneer in the industrial manufacturing of quality soaps 100 years ago; a pioneer in the introduction of atomized powder detergent in Spain – the precursor to present-day detergent for washing machines; we are pioneers in the sale of dishwasher detergent in Spain. Today, from our fabric softeners with micro-capsules to our compact soaps for the washing machine or stain removers with active oxygen, we are upholding our tradition of innovation in designing and manufacturing our products.

This has been possible thanks to the fact that the traditional values of Lagarto –such as experience, a customer-focused approach, and being part of the community– are shared by all Euroquímica’s professionals. The daily work of our team is to listen to our customers, detect their needs, and include the latest advances in order to design products that achieve effective cleaning while at the same time being efficient in terms of the use of ingredients, thus ensuring environmental and financial sustainability.

Customer-focused approach:
At Euroquímica, we have always felt as though our customers should be at the center of our operations and decisions. Our main aim is to first meet their needs, helping to improve their health and quality of life by offering them products which are both adequate for and adapted to their different needs.

A social company:
The first step in listening to our customers is to be present in their channels of communication. That’s why Euroquímica has a vast presence on the social networks – not so much to provide information about our business and products as to guarantee that the suggestions and comments of our customers are always in the mind of our R&D&I team. We are a social company in all senses of the word: from our actively listening to our customers to our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts in which our aim is to make the greatest positive impact possible through our business actions.

For Euroquímica, innovation is not at odds with the concept of a “smart buy.” Just like families (our end consumers) we have to use our resources efficiently. Thus, our innovative process is intelligent: we get to know and test all innovations and new ingredients but we only add those which clearly improve the quality of our end product – or those which cut down on costs or allow for a more sustainable end product.

We believe that it is necessary to keep a fair balance – to be able to meet the needs of our current consumers without endangering the ability to satisfy consumers’ needs in the future. That’s why we have sustainability as one of our values. We understand sustainability as meeting three different needs: high quality, competitive prices, and products which are sustainable in terms of the environment. A balance between these three variables defines the design, production, and logistics of our products.

For us, speaking of quality means providing our customers with value and being able to meet their needs. In order to satisfy our customers, we have a rigorous design process, supply process, manufacturing process, and logistics. In all of these processes, we go to great lengths to comply with the standards set.

As a company that is involved in the manufacturing of cleaning products, we understand hygiene as one of the key elements in the development of societies. The hygiene of people, homes, towns, businesses, and commercial establishments is absolutely necessary to be healthy, maintain one’s health, and to likewise prevent illnesses. For Euroquímica, our policies for hygiene and cleaning are always a priority.

As a family company, we understand that one of our main values which helps us to stand out from our competition is experience. We are a leading brand with a marked tradition and renowned innovation that have helped to improve the health and wellbeing of Spain’s population since 1914. Thus, our mission, vision, and values are closely related and we have the firm intention of upholding them in the future through our innovation and permanent adaptation to changes.

To keep up with a business like ours for more than a century, it is necessary to strive to surpass expectations, promote action, and constantly develop new ideas and projects; that is to say… to be ambitious. Our ambition drives and motivates us daily; the desire to constantly be better as an organization and as a team, to be able to go much further and progress as much as possible. Thanks to that ambition, we have been able to keep our business going and adapt to our consumers’ needs — while likewise standing the test of time.