Reasearch and development: a fundamental pillar for Euroquimica

The R&D&I department is one of the fundamental pillars of Euroquímica – a pillar in which we place our faith in order to continue growing.

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Innovation and continuous improvement

The designing and development of new formulas and products are undertaken in this department, always adapting to market needs and new trends, with the aim of manufacturing products that take care of clothes, the home, individuals, and the environment.

Through direct work with our providers, the introduction of new raw materials comes about – as well as the improvement of the quality of our catalog products and the development of new products. Additionally, our close collaboration with our customers allows us to undertake tailored work, generating new product ideas and quickly adapting to the different markets in which we find ourselves immersed.


Continuous Improvement in Terms of Reformulation and Production

Continuous improvement is a pillar of our organization. This philosophy makes the R&D&I department constantly think about the improvement and reformulation of the products we manufacture, as well as the improvement of the industrial processes – all in the interests of efficiency and sustainability.

Given the global, national, and international profiles of our customers, the R&D&I team has the opportunity to be in contact with multiple markets and different customers and cultures.

Our researchers are constantly looking for information, undertaking training, updating their knowledge and innovation, and evaluating new products, raw materials, and processes which arise in the industry and in any market in order to be able to include the newest techniques in our formulas and production processes.

Additionally, our researchers advise all customers which may need our knowledge and help.

The R&D&I team works closely with different universities on a national level (The University of Castilla-La Mancha, The King Juan Carlos University, The Autonomous University of Madrid, The University of Malaga, etc.) by opening its doors for students who are doing internships and final degree projects.