Constant improvement in our production process

Our production centers in Zaragoza and Illescas (Toledo) allow for logistics optimization on a national level and in terms of exports to Europa, Africa, and Asia.

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Efficient production processes in our two plants located in Zaragoza and Toledo

Between the two plants, we have a high annual production capacity for many varieties of cleaning products:

  • 38,000 tons of atomized powder detergent.
  • 9,000 tons of natural soap.
  • 130 million compact detergent tabs.
  • 440 million liters of liquid cleaning products.

Likewise, we have packaging and compression lines for compact detergent tabs, as well as a smart warehouse with a computerized inventory system that allows us to work optimally.

Throughout 2016, with an initial investment of 5 million euros, we have been improving our factories with the objective of assuming the new challenges and demands given to us by consumers.

Zaragoza: a door to Europe and a soap and detergent production plant.

Our plant in Zaragoza, one of the greatest areas of the country in terms of logistics, is flawlessly connected to Europe. At this plant, we manufacture our atomized powder detergent, solid products, and our natural soap – the hundred-year-old Lagarto soap.

Toledo: central offices and logistics center for the Middle/South of Spain and North of Africa.

Our company’s roots are in the municipality of Illescas, in the Province of Toledo. Its strategic location, near communications hubs and logistics centers with the most modern of operating systems, makes our Toledo plant one of our most valuable assets.

While we changed the location of our plant years ago in order to reach our required production capacity, we did not abandon our place of origin. Today, our facilities are located on the highway that unites the municipalities of Illescas and Yeles.

These facilities house the company’s headquarters, the central services, and the production lines for all the liquid products of any of our brands. These products are stored in a smart warehouse which is fully computerized.

Innovation in production management

Recently, the Lean Manufacturing management system has been implemented in order to allow for a 20% increase in productivity. This project for improvement is based on 3 fundamental pillars:

Improvements in productivity
In terms of improving productivity, noteworthy are significant improvements in the atomized powder detergent plant, soap plant, and the packaging line. A new packaging line has been installed for industrial products and improvements have been undertaken in the filtering system, combustion system, and in terms of efficiency for the atomizing tower.

Adapting the facilities to the demand
In terms of adapting to market demands, we have made investments in Doypack packaging, as well as in flat-bottom packaging and single-dose packaging. Likewise, we have invested in mixing technologies to increase the number of ingredients that are post-added to our detergents. This allows us to improve the products that we sell under our own brand and adapt, as much as possible, to the innovations that our consumers demand.

Improvements in the plant’s workings
In terms of improving the operations at the plants, we are considering the reorganization of all our factory flows, both internally and externally, as well as access controls and improvements in offices and buildings in order to optimize time.