Sustainability of our cleaning products

The sustainability of 100 years of cleaning history

The one-hundred-year-old soap, Lagarto, is, surely, the best-known cleaning product in Spain. As its name is often remembered as synonymous to quality, sometimes we forget that it is a biodegradable cleaner of natural origin which is completely respectful to the environment.

The fact that different chemical products are needed in order to match the degree of efficiency that modern cleaning products have does not mean that we cannot work in the interests of sustainability throughout the product’s life cycle. The product’s reduction in weight in order to obtain greater efficiency allows us to reduce pollution during transport; an efficient manufacturing process allows us to use less energy and less water; more efficient packaging is synonymous to material reduction, etc.

Taking care of resources and the environment is an integral part of our process planning; thus, there are multiple ways to improve sustainability in the value chain.  Our aim is to last another 100 years alongside our customers.